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The Risk Technology Awards focus on market risk, trading, and investment risk technology. The award winners are decided by a panel of judges selected by the editors of Risk.net.




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“The upheaval caused by COVID-19 reminds us that the expected credit losses that must be calculated for IFRS 9 can change quickly and dramatically, given the varying paths the economy can take. It also underscores the importance of using flexible impairment tools with credible forecasts for effective risk management. These awards are a testament to our market-leading capabilities.”...


"The expected credit loss and impairment calculation and analysis required by IFRS 9 present a number of challenges in terms of having the right parameters (default, recovery, market scenarios and forecasts), models (corporate, retail and commercial real estate) and platform."...

Judges' Comments
"Moody's Analytics IFRS 9 enterprise solution is an excellent product and methodology combined with support and expertise."
About Scenario Studio
U.S. Macro Forecast Modeling Platform
About Scenario Studio
Designed with rigorous forecast governance at the core, Moody’s Analytics Scenario Studio enables you to produce custom scenarios in a multi-user environment with process controls that provide complete oversight. Scenarios can be created for 60+ countries and 10 regional aggregates by adjusting 10,000+ detailed economic and financial time series to match your assumptions.
About ImpairmentCalc™
About ImpairmentCalc™
The ImpairmentCalc software provides expected credit loss impairment calculations by taking user-defined asset classifications, credit risk measures, and IFRS 9 and CECL guidance to produce loss allowance. It converts internal rating or through-the-cycle probability of default (PD) to a compliant point-in-time PD term structure.
About RiskConfidence™ Impairment Suite


About RiskConfidence™ Impairment Suite

RiskConfidence Impairment software is a strategic platform that enables the end-to-end orchestration and automation of expected credit loss (ECL) calculations. The solution facilitates data management, model automation, and impairment calculation and reporting, empowering your organization with transparency, control, auditability, traceability, and repeatability.

Cris deRitis, Deputy Chief Economist, Moody’s Analytics, Says:

“The implementation of IFRS 9 and CECL [Current Expected Credit Loss] means financial institutions must now measure and report on the future performance of their portfolios and business. How each institution generates and measures their expected credit losses is unique. As the pandemic reminds us, what those measurements look like can quickly change quite a bit. Our modular and flexible solutions – comprising data, forecasts, economic scenarios, models and portfolio management platforms – enable clients to apply the new standards while also strengthening their risk management processes. As these awards highlight, whatever a firm’s specific requirements, and no matter the financial environment they’re navigating, Moody’s Analytics can help.”