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Insurance Asset Management targets the needs of chief investment officers, finance directors, and heads of Treasury at insurance companies across Europe. Insurance Asset Management Awards were designed to recognize outstanding achievement in the UK and European investment space among insurance companies, providers, and individuals.



How Winners Are Chosen

Each year, the award winners are decided by a panel of judges. All judges are senior industry experts from across Europe and the United Kingdom.

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"We earned these awards on the strength of our comprehensive Solvency II solution, which helps insurers meet the calculation, data, and reporting requirements of Solvency II." ...
About the Moody's Analytics Solvency II Solution
RiskIntegrity Standard Formula
About the Moody's Analytics Solvency II Solution

The Moody's Analytics Solvency II solution supports solvency metrics and the associated regulatory reporting from both a group and solo perspective. It helps insurers comply with Solvency II and other similar regulatory regimes, offering both standard-formula and internal-model approaches.