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​Infopro Digital, the publisher of Asia Risk, Risk ​Magazine, and Risk.net, is a leading player in business-to-business information and services. It offers multimedia products and solutions such as analysis and insight, events, and training.


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​The Asia Risk Technology Rankings winners are decided by the readers of ​Asia Risk



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"Moody’s Analytics, a global provider of financial intelligence, has won four categories in the 2018 Asia Risk Technology Rankings. Building on last year’s three-win performance by Moody’s Analytics, the company topped the IFRS 9."...

About ImpairmentCalc™
About ImpairmentCalc™

Moody's Analytics ImpairmentCalc software provides expected credit loss impairment calculations by taking user-defined asset classifications, credit risk measures, and IFRS 9 and CECL guidance to produce loss allowance. It converts internal rating or through-the-cycle probability of default (PD) to a compliant point-in-time PD term structure.

About RiskConfidence™ Impairment
About RiskConfidence™ Impairment

The RiskConfidence Impairment software is a strategic platform that enables the end-to-end orchestration and automation of expected credit loss (ECL) calculations. The solution facilitates data management, model automation, and impairment calculation and reporting, empowering your organization with transparency, control, auditability, traceability, and repeatability.