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    Risk Markets Technology Awards 2018: Regulatory Reporting Product of the Year

    December 2017

    Risk Markets Technology Awards 2018: Regulatory Reporting Product of the Year

    Written by Risk.net

    Colin Holmes

    The regulatory reporting module of Moody's Analytics RiskIntegrity Suite for enterprise solvency and risk management aims to simplify the demands of Solvency II Pillar 3 reporting by capturing and consolidating data, and automating the submission of quantitative reporting and national country templates. The module supports the major reporting data-format standards used by regulators, including XBRL, XML and Microsoft Excel. 

    Features of the module include the ability to move from consolidated information down to the underlying data for in-depth understanding of what is being reported, along with comprehensive audit control to capture and report on all changes to the data before, during and after the reporting process. Automated validation rules check to ensure the quality and coherence of reports. Audit changes can be made down to the level of individual cells to maintain data quality and integrity, and enforce the corporate data policy. Regulatory reporting demands tight control over who can access the systems and what they can do with the data, so the module offers comprehensive user-access management.

    Users can store, manage and access historical regulatory data to provide detailed trend analysis for both regulators and management. They can also create customised business reports, which can be exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or presented graphically in chart form.

    Judges said:

    “A comprehensive reporting suite.”

    "Complete end-to-end offering for insurance companies, well supported by client testimonials."

    "Modular-based architecture offers sufficient flexibility to tailor the solution to evolving industry needs."

    Colin Holmes, managing director of insurance solutions at Moody's Analytics, says:

    “The RiskIntegrity Regulatory Reporting module simplifies the demands of Pillar 3 reporting by capturing, consolidating and reporting data to deliver the quantitative reporting templates. It deals efficiently with the reporting requirements, and provides a strategic platform for all the data and quantitative reporting aspects of Solvency II, and risk and capital management.”

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