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    Phil Mowbray

    Investment product design, asset allocation, asset liability modeling

    Phil leads the product management team focused on the application of financial risk modeling for investment, wealth management, and pensions clients. He regularly contributes to the investment and pensions press and often speaks at industry events. Phil had been with Barrie & Hibbert for 13 years, where he focused on solutions for the measurement and management of financial market risk for a range of institutional and retail investment clients.

    University of Strathclyde: MSc, Operational Research
    The University of Edinburgh: BSc, Mathematics and Statistics
    • Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
    Moody's Analytics | Asset Allocation

    Asset Allocation : Moody's Analytics asset allocation solution helps establish, test, and run different asset allocations and identify risk-return efficient portfolios.

    Moody's Analytics | Investment Product Design

    Investment Product Design : Moody's Analytics investment product design solution delivers a suitability framework to develop investment propositions aligned with stringent regulations.

    Representative Projects

    Worked with Royal London to develop their investment proposition for retirement drawdown. This includes a series of multi-asset investment solutions (Governed Retirement Income Portfolios), a web-based income planning tool to help advisors select an appropriate investment solution aligned with their clients' income needs, and the Royal London Drawdown Governance Service, which helps advisors keep their clients’ retirement plans on track and take action to manage risk

    Created a Risk Governance solution for Santander UK’s retail investment funds, which enables Santander UK to demonstrate that investment funds recommended to their retail customers are aligned with one of the defined risk categories used by Santander advisors

    Published Work

    Establishing and Managing Insurer Investment Strategies

    This article describes how Moody's Analytics scenario modeling solutions can help insurers meet the challenges of the changing regulatory landscape and current market environment in the establishment and management of investment strategies.

    March 2017

    U.K. Freedom and Choice in Pensions: A Free Lunch or Retirement Roulette?

    This whitepaper discusses how the Chancellor of the Exchequer's budget statement, "Freedom and Choice in Pensions" will impact U.K. life insurance industry.

    June 2014

    Beyond Market Volatility: Model Risk in Retirement Planning

    During the decumulation phase of the retirement savings lifecycle, an individual's goals are defined as a series of withdrawals. The outcome from any investment strategy, in relation to this retirement goal, is a function of the sequence of investment returns in relation to the retiree's withdrawal profile. The central role of cash-flows and the associated sequence of returns means that risk management and portfolio design for decumulation is fundamentally different than for wealth accumulation.

    May 2014