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    Peter Watts

    Pension and investment product designer; asset and liability management expert; actuary; client consultant

    Peter Watts is responsible for a suite of products for the pensions, wealth and asset management sectors. He has extensive experience using real-world economic scenario generation for investment strategy design, asset and liability management applications for defined benefit and defined contribution pensions, and retail investment management. Peter has developed new software products and led numerous consulting engagements with diverse clients.

    The University of Edinburgh
    PhD, Astrophysics
    University of Nottingham
    MSci, Physics
    Moody's Analytics | Pension Fund Investment Risk Management

    Pension Fund Investment and Risk Management : Moody's Analytics solution enables defined benefit pension managers to design investment strategies and investigate funding solutions to secure their objectives.

    Moody's Analytics | Asset Liability Mangement

    Asset and Liability Management Solutions: Moody's Analytics offers a powerful combination ALM solution that integrates enterprise ALM, FTP, business management, and regulatory compliance.

    Moody's Analytics | Investment Product Design

    Investment Product Design : Moody's Analytics investment product design solution delivers a suitability framework to develop investment propositions aligned with stringent regulations.


    Asset Liability Management: Mechanism to address the risk banks face from a mismatch between assets and liabilities.

    Scenario Generation: Mathematical model simulating possible paths of economic and financial market variables.

    Portfolio Models: Models that enable portfolio managers to assess and optimize portfolio risk.