Featured Product

    Dr. Nick Lacey

    Nick has held several roles at Moody’s Analytics, including product manager for our risk model platform, and pre-sales expert on implementation of models in our software suite. Nick currently leads credit assessment and origination services for the EMEA region. In this role, he guides a team in the implementation of Moody’s Analytics credit and origination solutions.

    Nick has an MSc in artificial intelligence from the University of Wales, where he graduated with distinction. Continuing at the University of Wales, he earned a PhD in artificial intelligence, specializing in knowledge representation in multi-agent systems. Before joining Moody’s Analytics, Nick worked as a software developer in Cambridge and in the multi-agent research group at the University of Arkansas.

    Nick has published several academic papers, including “The Influence of Epistemology on the Design of Artificial Agents” and “Representing and Revising Norms and Values Within an Adaptive Agent Architecture.”