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    Jerome Ogrodzki

    Insurance asset and liabilities modeling specialist; stochastic modeling expert

    Jerome Ogrodzki focuses on insurance regulatory capital frameworks in APAC and Europe, IFRS 17, and modern ALM applications for insurers. Through his current and previous roles, he has acquired extensive experience in the UK life insurance market. Before joining Moody’s Analytics, Jerome worked as a consultant for insurance, banking, and asset management clients across five continents, covering topics such as balance-sheet and P&L management. 

    Institut de Science Financière et d'Assurances (I.S.F.A.): Masters, Actuarial and Financial Services
    • Actuary, French Institute of Actuaries

    Insurance Asset and Liability Management : Moody's Analytics insurance asset and liability management (ALM) solution provide scenario-based asset and liability modeling for insurers.

    Business Insight : Moody's Analytics insurance Business Insight solution integrates economic scenarios with modeling solutions to generate required analytics and insurance business insights.

    Economic Scenarios: Moody's Analytics provides internally and globally consistent economic, regulatory, and custom scenarios.


    Liability Valuation: Process of valuing a company's liabilities for financial reporting purposes.

    Solvency II: Amount of capital insurance companies must hold to reduce the risk of insolvency.

    Representative Projects

    Successfully lead the delivery of an insurance capital modeling environment for a client covering over 12 different currencies and Solvency II-style proxies for over 30 different insurance products worldwide

    Successfully lead the delivery of an advisory project for the equity derivatives structuration team of a top 50 Fortune 500 investment bank, helping with the design and optimization of a risk-premia fund for insurance investors