Risk model validation consultant; product strategist; data intelligence and artificial intelligence scientist and researcher

Jamie Stark led the Stress Testing implementation services team in EMEA and now directs Data Alliance efforts in Europe. Additionally, he works with banks and insurers worldwide to execute challenging risk management projects such as risk system implementations, risk modeling, and calibration. For many years, Jamie was a volunteer regional director for the Professional Risk Managers' International Association’s Edinburgh chapter.

Heriot-Watt University
PhD, Computer Science
The University of Edinburgh
BSc, Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics
Moody's Analytics | Stress Testing

Stress Testing: Moody’s Analytics helps financial institutions develop collaborative, auditable, repeatable, and transparent stress testing programs to meet regulatory demands.

Moody's Analytics | Credit Modeling

Credit Risk Modeling: Moody’s Analytics delivers award-winning credit models and expert advisory services to provide you with best-in-class credit risk modeling solutions.

Moody's Analytics | Financial Data

Financial Data: Moody's Analytics financial data solutions enable you to assess market opportunities and compare entities across systems.


Stress Testing: UK: Examination of the possible impact of an adverse scenario a firm and/or industry.

Enterprise Risk: Business strategy to identify, assess, and prepare for any dangers to a firm's operations.

Econometric Modeling: Fully transparent econometric and statistical models to assess performance of geographies, financials and various asset classes.

Representative Project

Jamie created, expanded, and directed a team that successfully implemented the Moody’s Analytics Stress Testing product on client sites.

Published Work

New Generation of Credit Decisioning

Increasing demand for credit has opened up the marketplace to a host of new tech-savvy lending providers. To compete in this new landscape, banks are changing their approach to credit management in order to provide faster and more convenient service to their clients.

May 2018

New Generation of Credit Decisioning

Banks need to adopt new technology for quicker decisioning without sacrificing any of the risk assessment and analysis. At Moody's Analytics, we're helping our clients meet this challenge by investing in the latest data trends and technology advancements and implementing them into our solutions.

May 2018

New Investment Strategies in Insurance

This article investigates some of the challenges faced by insurers when choosing new investment strategies to increase their yields.

May 2014