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    Christina Zhu

    Economist; applied macroeconomics, financial econometrics, and credit risk.

    Christina Zhu is an economist at Moody’s Analytics. Based in Singapore, Christina is responsible for forecasting and analysing national and metropolitan economies across the Asia-Pacific region, with a focus on China. She writes on a variety of issues for Economy.com and contributes to Moody’s economic consulting projects. Her expertise lies in applied macroeconomics, financial econometrics and credit risks. She holds a PhD in economics from the National University of Singapore.


    Economic Forecasts: Moody's Analytics provides trusted macro and regional forecasts to help clients assess potential economic outcomes.

    Economic Data: Moody's Analytics provides comprehensive economic, demographic, and financial data at the national and regional levels.


    Enterprise Risk: Business strategy to identify, assess, and prepare for any dangers to a firm's operations.