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    Christian Henkel

    Christian focuses on business development and building/delivering solutions that support customers' underwriting, research, risk management, and investing activities.

    In Christian's current position, he serves a central role in client relationships and commercial processes within the CRE sector for existing and prospective customers. Christians's overarching responsibility is to advance Moody's Analytics position in the CRE market by selling, designing, and overseeing the delivery of solutions that support customers' underwriting, research, risk management and investing activities.  

    Christian has a unique blend of business and academic experience across the financial services industry – including expertise in commercial credit and financial analysis, portfolio management, asset quality, loan loss reserve methodologies, stress testing, credit administration, process redesign, safety and soundness examinations, and credit risk modeling.

    Naveen Jindal School of Management: MBA, Finance & Accounting
    SW Graduate School of Banking: Graduated Valedictorian and Nominated as Class 2nd Vice President
    Southern Methodist University - Cox School of Business: Elected class VP, graduated Valedictorian
    Published Work