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    Carolina Brandao-Nobili

    Carolina has 10 years of experience and a client-oriented profile. In her current role within the Structured Solutions team, Carolina is responsible for the implementation process of Moody’s Analytics issuer side automated tools, making the link between technology and the clients’ business objectives. With a vast international exposure, Carolina has also worked in European and Latin American financial institutions issuing and managing securitization deals and other structured products.

    Carolina has 10 years of experience and a client-oriented profile. 


    ABS Solutions: Moody’s Analytics has developed a Consumer ABS suite of comprehensive solutions and tools for all of your buy-side, monitoring, pricing, and research needs.

    Structured Finance Solutions for Issuers, Trustees & Lenders: Moody’s Analytics securitization issuer solutions support the full spectrum of structured finance requirements and enables operational efficiency, reduces risk, improves deal execution and reduces program costs.