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    Ashok Khatri

    Ashok Khatri currently leads the Product team for Ki- Funding. He is responsible for developing and managing solutions for the funding and treasury management needs of Structured Finance issuers, trustees and lenders across the globe. He has been a key member in the implementation of cutting edge optimization algorithms for solving funding and allocation problems for treasury teams. Prior to this role, Ashok has years of experience in cash flow modeling of European and U.S. Structured Finance deals. Ashok has served in various other roles in the Financial Services industry. He has worked with start-ups, as well as in strategy consulting, bringing his expertise and best practices to the product management and development lifecycle. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign MBA : Finance

    Ashok Khatri currently leads the Product team for Ki- Funding


    ABS Solutions: Moody’s Analytics has developed a Consumer ABS suite of comprehensive solutions and tools for all of your buy-side, monitoring, pricing, and research needs.

    Structured Finance Solutions for Issuers, Trustees & Lenders: Moody’s Analytics securitization issuer solutions support the full spectrum of structured finance requirements and enables operational efficiency, reduces risk, improves deal execution and reduces program costs.