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    Ashit Talukder

    Visionary innovator and leader using AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, to develop new solutions in finance, risk, analytics and automation

    Ashit Talukder leads AI and Machine Learning (ML) Initiatives at Moody’s Analytics. His team develops new AI- and ML-driven products, solutions, and capabilities for financial risk analytics, workflow automation, and human-machine collaborative systems that improve efficiencies for analytics processes from structured and unstructured data. His career of more than 20 years includes leading AI and ML research at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

    Carnegie Mellon University: PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Iowa State University : MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Osmania University: BS, Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering
    Representative Projects

    Developed ML and AI solutions for knowledge discovery from alternate, unstructured data sources for improved risk management, analytics and modeling.

    Applied AI and Deep Learning to transform products, improve efficiencies and automation, and introduce new finance and risk analytics products.

    Published Work