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    Andy Frepp

    Andy has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance, asset management, and pensions industries, and helps global insurers address their regulatory compliance and risk management needs.

    Before working for Moody’s Analytics, Andy was the CEO of Barrie & Hibbert, a market-leading insurance risk management software and advisory business. Prior to that, he had a variety of senior leadership roles in large asset management and insurance firms. A qualified actuary, Andy has a BSc in Mathematics from Imperial College London and an MBA from the University of Hull.

    Published Work

    The Emergence of a New Banking Model

    Banks should prepare for a new business ecosystem driven by the financial technology (FinTech) revolution. Learn how the industry can adapt to disruptions.

    December 2015

    Global Insurance Industry: What to Expect in 2014

    Learn how global regulations such as Solvency II, demographic trends, and technology will impact insurers in 2014 and how they can best prepare for the changes.

    May 2014

    ORSA: Prospective Solvency Assessment and Capital Projection Modelling

    Insurers need a modelling capability that meets two key requirements. The first is the ability to determine appropriate multi-year scenarios (deterministic stress tests or stochastic) in which to project the insurer's business. The second is the ability to accurately assess the capital requirements that would be created within these scenarios. In this report we provide you with an overview of the fundamental challenges of ORSA and practical guidance on the approach you might take.

    June 2013