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    Andres Carbacho-Burgos

    Andres Carbacho-Burgos, PhD, is a Director and Head Housing Economist. Andres specializes in the U.S. and Canadian housing market, residential construction, and regional economies.

    Before joining Moody's Analytics, he taught economics at Texas State University, where he also researched open-economy macroeconomics and income inequality. Born in Chile, he obtained his PhD and master's in economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and his BA in economics from Carleton College.

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    Fissures & Fault Lines

    Fissures & Fault Lines

    Published Work

    Canada Housing Market Outlook: The Fundamentals Start to Pull

    Canada's housing market seems on course for a soft landing given the lack of deterioration in mortgage debt arrears so far.

    October 2019

    Canada Housing Market Outlook: A Needed Pause in Demand

    The gradual disinflation in Canada's housing market continues at a steady pace.

    May 2019

    Canada Housing Market Outlook: Slower, Steadier

    The Canadian housing market is going through a period of decompression

    February 2019

    Canada Housing Market Outlook: A Better Long-Term Perspective

    Canada's housing market has moved past its previous turning point and seems to have settled into an interlude of slowing house price appreciation, reduced sales, and a looser market in general.

    June 2018

    Canada Housing Market Outlook: Stepping on the Brake

    Canada's housing market is starting to feel the effects of federal and provincial government restrictions, and now the Bank of Canada has also started its long-awaited tightening of interest rates

    September 2017