Pension and investment product designer; asset and liability management expert; capable modeler; client software trainer and consultant; actuary

Alan Taylor works on pension and investment products and services to ensure that Moody’s Analytics continues to deliver relevant modeling solutions for global markets. He conducts research to learn how clients use our software, and offers them training, user support, and advisory services. Alan’s background is in modeling, including several years as our client, using Moody’s Analytics asset and liability management products. 

University of Cambridge
MA, Mathematics
Moody's Analytics | Pension Fund Investment Risk Management

Pension Fund Investment and Risk Management : Moody's Analytics solution enables defined benefit pension managers to design investment strategies and investigate funding solutions to secure their objectives.

Moody's Analytics | Asset Liability Mangement

Asset and Liability Management Solutions: Moody's Analytics offers a powerful combination ALM solution that integrates enterprise ALM, FTP, business management, and regulatory compliance.

Moody's Analytics | Credit Modeling

Credit Risk Modeling: Moody’s Analytics delivers award-winning credit models and expert advisory services to provide you with best-in-class credit risk modeling solutions.


Asset Liability Management: Mechanism to address the risk banks face from a mismatch between assets and liabilities.

Econometric Modeling: Fully transparent econometric and statistical models to assess performance of geographies, financials and various asset classes.