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    Moody’s Analytics Introduces Solution for Supply Chain Management

    NEWS | For Immediate Release

    NEW YORK, Mar 4, 2022 – Moody’s Analytics announces the launch of Supply Chain Catalyst, a data and analytics platform for monitoring and managing supply chain risk. The solution helps organizations identify structural vulnerabilities and anticipate potential disruptions across their supply chain by providing a 360-degree view of suppliers across financial, sustainability, reputational and operational risk factors.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of global supply chains, which are still in a state of disrepair. Recent events related to the Omicron variant and the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine have created further bottlenecks in both production and logistics. Tim Uy, Economist at Moody’s Analytics notes, “There are significant downside risks to the near-term outlook for global supply chains, and while companies are increasingly building resiliency through adequate inventory and alternative sourcing, they should be prepared for headwinds.”

    As supply chains and distribution networks become more complex, it becomes harder to identify financial and reputational exposures. Reacting to evidence of vulnerabilities is also fraught as organizations need to find alternative providers quickly to minimize business disruptions. This rapid substitution often exposes a supply chain to the risk of new suppliers with dubious credentials or high-risk profiles.

    Supply Chain Catalyst is a second-generation solution, integrating risk data on over 400 million entities globally from the award-winning Orbis database, with industry-leading risk assessment capabilities, which have long been valued by Moody’s customers. The combination enables a multi-faceted, robust, and efficient supplier screening and monitoring process so organizations can make data-driven procurement transformation decisions. 

    “We designed Supply Chain Catalyst to help clients gain a holistic understanding of their suppliers’ risk profile, build resiliency, anticipate shocks and minimize disruptions across their supply chain,” said Carolina Azar, Senior Director at Moody’s Analytics. “We are particularly proud that Supply Chain Catalyst also informs our customers’ responsible sourcing and sustainability strategies, supporting both local and global communities.” 

    Users of Supply Chain Catalyst can identify suppliers with weakening financial, sustainability, reputational and operational risk profiles for risk mitigation. Users can monitor these specific supply chain risk factors – as well as enterprise-wide risk – by combining their own knowledge of suppliers with our data and robust risk analytics, including Moody’s Environmental, Social and Governance scores and assessments.

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