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    Cadre Selects Moody’s Analytics REIS Data to Enhance Investment Lifecycle

    Moody’s Analytics to Provide Cadre with Financial Intelligence that will Empower Cadre Platform Investors

    NEWS | For Immediate Release

    NEW YORK, December 17, 2019 – Moody’s Analytics, a global financial intelligence firm, is pleased to announce that Cadre, a leading technology-enabled real estate investment platform, will integrate commercial property data from Moody’s Analytics REIS into its internal models.

    Cadre will leverage the Moody’s Analytics REIS API to drive greater investment efficiencies across the transaction lifecycle, from acquisition to asset management and disposition. Cadre will also further enrich its investment memorandums and platform content with transaction comparables and submarket data from Moody’s Analytics REIS.

    “The Cadre team is proud to collaborate with the experts at Moody’s Analytics REIS,” said Ryan Williams, Co-Founder and CEO of Cadre. “Our mission is to expand access to institutional-grade real estate investments and provide more investors with a greater degree of transparency than traditional real estate investment platforms. At Cadre, we believe that long-term outperformance in our industry can be achieved by complementing top-notch institutional investment experience with a data-driven, quantitative approach. This collaboration will bring deeper market intelligence to our investors and bring us closer to our goal of expanding access and insights for more individuals in the commercial real estate industry.”

    “We are particularly pleased to work with Cadre” said Cristina Pieretti, Managing Director at Moody’s Analytics REIS. “We’re delighted to see Cadre use our property data in innovative ways—we value their mission to expand access to high-quality real estate investments. We’re also pleased to demonstrate how the integration of our API allows Cadre to automate workflows and gain a competitive edge in the evolving commercial real estate industry.”

    The Moody’s Analytics REIS API offers streamlined access to key property-level data. Transactional APIs can automatically populate market and submarket information into underwriting, asset management, and valuation platforms.

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    About Cadre
    Cadre is a technology-enabled real estate investment platform that provides qualified individuals and institutions access to fully vetted commercial real estate opportunities. Cadre has also built the industry’s first secondary market for commercial real estate enabling investors to achieve liquidity. Cadre combines its institutional experience with differentiated technology to empower investors through direct access, lower fees, and greater transparency. For more information, please visit cadre.com.