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    Moody’s Analytics Introduces Real Estate Information Services Network for Commercial Real Estate Data and Analytics

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    NEW YORK, February 5, 2019 – Moody’s Analytics is pleased to introduce the Real Estate Information Services (REIS) Network, an eco-system of connected applications, which provides market participants access to CRE solutions for property research, investment, and risk management.

    The REIS Network simplifies data gathering, enabling users to find relevant information across connected applications and data sets using its powerful search engine. It searches linked databases for data on tenants, landlords, and related transactions. Within the network’s connected applications, users can transfer data from one product to another and view and compare multiple sources simultaneously. Access to the network is modular and users can select the applications that best support their CRE workflows.

    “Our goal is to become a leading source for data and analytics for commercial real estate transactions,” said Keith Berry, Executive Director of the Moody’s Analytics Accelerator. “We want to help CRE professionals make better and faster decisions. The REIS Network enables disparate tools and data sources to work together to streamline workflows for all CRE industry participants.”

    The REIS Network is part of the Moody’s Analytics Accelerator and leverages a strategic partnership model to bring together innovations from across the CRE industry. Its rich resources include: 

    • An analytical tool for decisioning and monitoring CRE mortgage loans, with integrated default and recovery models to assess probability of default, loss given default, and expected loss.
    • A model that determines the desirability of every commercial property across the United States based on multiple economic and demographic factors.
    • CRE property-level data, market trends, research, forecasts, and comparables provided by REIS Inc., now a Moody's Analytics company.
    • Granular, timely, analyst-reviewed commercial lease comps, sales comps, and property details provided by CompStak, a Moody’s Analytics partner.
    • A robust, easy-to-use cloud-based valuation and discounted cash flow modeling platform, provided by Rockport VAL, another Moody’s Analytics partner.

    Click here to learn more about the REIS Network from Moody’s Analytics.

    Click here to learn more about REIS Inc., a Moody's Analytics company.

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