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    Moody’s Analytics Strengthens the CreditLens™ Platform

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    SAN FRANCISCO, September 24, 2018 – Moody’s Analytics, a global provider of financial intelligence, is pleased to announce new enhancements to the CreditLens™ platform. Built on the latest cloud-based technology, the CreditLens platform is a credit lifecycle management solution that helps financial institutions digitally transform their commercial credit processes to make better and faster credit decisions.

    A wealth of new capabilities are now available through the platform. Users of the Moody’s Analytics CreditEdge™ solution can now view the expected default frequency (EDF) measures for public companies seamlessly in the CreditLens platform. This new feature puts public entity data at clients’ fingertips and lets them make the most out of that data during their risk analysis. An earlier integration with our RiskCalc™ solution allows users of that tool to view private entity data, including probability of default and EDF measures, directly from within the CreditLens platform.

    Understanding and managing single relationship limits and exposures remains a vital part of the credit assessment process. The CreditLens platform is now equipped with an in-memory calculation engine to aggregate and present the limits and exposures of borrower group hierarchies – and their corresponding complex deal structures. This functionality lets clients get a full view of how their exposures match up against their limits and their secured positions, leading to more informed credit decisions, and better risk management.

    “The CreditLens platform is helping our clients make higher-quality loans, more efficiently,” said Elaine Wong, Head of Credit Assessment and Origination solutions at Moody’s Analytics. “We are continuously exploring new technologies and uncovering new domains, and integrating them into this platform. It is powering our clients’ digital transformations for credit management and allowing them to serve their customers better.”

    Lenders are increasingly looking to cloud-based solutions to achieve key business goals. The CreditLens platform enhances lenders’ credit management while helping them reduce costs and operate more efficiently. The platform is flexible and configurable, with our industry-leading spreading technology as its foundation.

    We recently published a whitepaper on what to look for when comparing cloud-based solutions. Cloud-Based Credit Origination Solutions are Not all the Same examined key questions institutions should consider during the evaluation process.

    We also presented a webinar in which Moody’s Analytics experts explored different deployment options, data accessibility, integration with existing systems, and more. Click here to watch the webinar.

    The CreditLens platform contributed to our taking the top position in Technology Solutions for Credit Risk 2.0 2018, a Chartis Research report comparing 19 vendors of credit risk (banking book) solutions. We were also named Technology Vendor of the Year in the 2018 Risk Awards.

    Click here to learn more about the CreditLens solution.

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