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    Our Training Strategy

    Our Training Strategy

    Our robust curriculum of high-impact learning solutions enables your organization to diagnose employees’ skill gaps and then build, reinforce, and sustain the knowledge they need to be better at their jobs. Thoughtfully aligned with the lending value chain, our solutions are scalable, flexible, and engaging. Learn more about the targeted solutions we offer at each step of the learning process:

    Diagnose and remediate skill gaps

    Many individuals begin their training journey with Credit Coach, our innovative, online diagnostic that immerses learners in a real-world lending scenario to assess their performance and decision-making abilities. Using artificial intelligence, Credit Coach diagnoses the root cause of errors and provides each individual learner with immediate access to targeted online training.

    Build skills and knowledge

    Our on-demand, mobile-friendly eLearning courses and expert-facilitated workshops cover foundational to advanced topics spanning the lending value chain, from prospecting to portfolio management, positioning employees to not only improve but excel.

    Our eLearning courses feature integrated case studies, real-world examples, and downloadable job aids that help learners connect concepts to their daily activities. Many also include access to our unique Email a Mentor feature, which provides learners with direct access to subject matter experts. You can also use Credit Coach – or take advantage of our module-level pretests – to streamline employees’ experience and focus their training time where it’s needed most.

    Our workshops, offered both virtually and in-person, are facilitated by subject matter experts with extensive backgrounds in the financial services industry. They’re able to delve deeply into the topics at hand and share real-world experiences and tips that make learning practical.

    Apply skills and knowledge

    For learners who’ve successfully completed a prerequisite eLearning course, skills application labs offer an opportunity to apply the knowledge they’ve gained as they evaluate scenarios brought to life via comprehensive case studies. Facilitated by expert instructors, skills application labs provide a sandbox-like environment for learners to practice the skills they need to succeed on the job.

    We also offer our Case Study Library, a three-part solution that helps commercial and SME lenders gain valuable analytical experience quickly, without exposing their organization to risk. To begin, learners individually analyze a case study loan opportunity. At the conclusion of their analyses, they formulate and submit their recommendations to a credit expert, who reviews the recommendations and then convenes a credit committee-like roundtable, during which learners receive real-time feedback on their proposal.

    Sustain skills and knowledge

    Our Mentoring Toolkits equip your organization’s managers, coaches, and mentors with a turnkey solution that they can use to strengthen and sustain the skills that learners develop in our most popular eLearning courses. Each toolkit includes a module-by-module coaching plan, complete with teaching notes, empowering mentors to support learning by reviewing difficult concepts, leading skill reinforcement sessions, and assisting employees with on-the-job skill transfer.

    Similarly, Action Learning Guides equip managers with the tools to lead short engagement sessions to embed learning, improve peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and allow learners to apply what they’ve learned to internal processes and policies.

    We’re also able to support your sustainment needs via webinars, one-to-one coaching, and scheduled check-ins with learners and administrators.

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    Not sure where to start?

    We know that every organization has unique needs. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help you:

    • Evaluate your learning needs
    • Design a customized learning pathway, aligned with your objectives, organizational culture, market, and preferred language
    • Implement your chosen solutions
    • Evaluate results and nimbly make adjustments to maximize your return on investment
    • Sustain and embed learning via a combination of mentoring and coaching tools and solutions