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    Case Study Library

    Case Study Library
    Build credit analysis skills in a risk-free environment
    Credit Analysis Skills
    Moody’s Analytics Case Study Library is an innovative, three-part training solution that helps your commercial and SME lenders gain valuable analytical experience quickly, without exposing your organization to risk.

    To begin, learners individually analyze a case study loan opportunity. At the conclusion of their analyses, they formulate and submit their loan recommendations to a credit expert of your choice — either a Moody’s Analytics facilitator or one of your organization’s own internal resources. The expert reviews the recommendations and then convenes a Credit Solutions Roundtable, during which learners receive real-time feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their submissions.

    The Case Study Library is designed to be flexible. You can use it to give your employees opportunities to apply the skills and knowledge they learned while taking our Business Lending or Commercial Lending course, to evaluate the skills of incoming lenders and credit analysts, or to provide continuing credit analysis training opportunities for experienced employees.

    The Case Study Library helps learners take their risk analysis skills to the next level by featuring:

    • Cases based on a variety of businesses, industries, and issues to expose learners to a variety of lending scenarios
    • An opportunity for participants to practice gathering credit information about the borrower — including background information, historical and projected financial statements, and industry research — like how they would on-the-job
    • An engaging virtual workspace that allows learners to practice and improve their credit skills in a risk-free, simulated environment
    • A set of eight critical decision points — based on Moody’s Analytics’ proven Decision Strategy framework — to guide learners through their credit analysis training
    • An opportunity for learners to articulate and justify their recommendations and re-evaluate them based on the feedback they receive
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