Risk Management & Compliance

Moody’s Analytics Solutions for Insurers

Quantify your firm’s unique risk profile and obtain reports on RAROC, solvency ratio and balance sheet forecasts. Compute the position of your cash account by simulating asset and liability cash flows. 


Fermat GEM (Global Exposure Monitoring) 
Regulatory Reporting
Mortgage Portfolio Analyzer (MPA)

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Monitor and simulate the impact of new business, biometric factors, market movements and other drivers on the income statement by taking advantage of advanced modeling techniques.


Credit Risk Management
Data: Economic, Consumer Credit and Financial
Economic Advisory Services
Economic Stress Testing

Forecasts with Alternative Scenarios

Moody's CreditCycle™

Moody's CreditCyclePlus™

U.S. Macro Forecast Model

U.S. State Forecast Model

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Moody’s Analytics regulatory support, methodologies and consulting insight help your organization define and implement its optimal risk strategy. 


Risk Management Services

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