Moody’s Analytics Solutions for Insurers

Evaluate their past and future performance using the same financial data and tools as Moody’s analysts. Monitor the credit quality of your reinsurers over time with automated alerts.

CreditEdge Plus
Credit Research
Credit Risk Calculator 
Credit Trends
Credit Transition Model
Default Risk Service
Default Recovery Database

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Assess the sensitivity of your investments, by examining a variety of early warning signals based on macroeconomic indicators and economic, consumer credit, housing and financial data.
Case-Shiller Home Price Indexes 
Realty Trac Foreclosures 
Economic, Consumer Credit and Financial Data
Economic Stress Testing
Forecasts with Alternative Scenarios
Moody's CreditCycle™
Moody's CreditCyclePlus™

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Keep track of the performance of your securities using reliable structured deal performance data – the same used by Moody’s analysts to rate and monitor deals.

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Moody's Analytics services provide risk management product training, consulting and research services to clients worldwide. 

Advisory & Implementation Services 
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