Corporate Business Banking

Moody’s Analytics Solutions for Commercial Lenders

Benchmark your analysis against detailed research that summarizes the credit opinions of Moody's analysts. Leverage monitoring tools to help detect credit deterioration early.


CreditEdge Plus

Credit Research

Credit Trends 

Credit Transition Model

Moody's MIR (Market-Implied Ratings) 

Moody's Financial Metrics

Municipal Financial Ratio Analysis (MFRA) 

Quantitative Ratings Estimator (QRATE)

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Analyze and report on your corporate loan portfolio and understand the impact of new deals on risk and performance.


Case-Shiller Indexes
Credit Risk Management
Data: Economic, Consumer Credit and Financial
Economic Advisory Services

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Use customized scorecards validated by the world’s most comprehensive credit default database. Ensure your staff has the skills and knowledge to make good corporate lending decisions.


Risk Management Services
Professional Development

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Forecast cashflows and understand risk. Determine the default probabilities and expected losses for a deal, pool or loan by working with many of the same software platforms used by Moody’s Analytics.





Structured Finance Workstation (SFW)

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Facilitate financial spreading, credit analysis, data storage, and limits management on our enterprise platform with automated workflows.


Commercial Mortgage Metrics 

RiskCalc Plus


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