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Moody’s Analytics Solutions for Asset Managers

Evaluate the past and future performance of companies and compare credits to their peers by utilizing financial data that has been adjusted by Moody’s analysts. Choose from a variety of early warning signals to detect credit deterioration early.


CreditEdge Plus

Credit Research 

Credit Risk Calculator

Credit Transition Model

Credit Trends 

Default Risk Service

Default and Recovery Database

Moody's MIR® (Market-Implied Ratings)

Monthly Default Report 

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Assess and stress test the sensitivity of your portfolios to shifting economic conditions, by leveraging Moody’s Analytics' extensive expertise (research, models, data, forecasts and consulting services) on the potential impact of current and expected economic conditions.  

Consumer Credit Analytics
Economic Advisory Services 
Economic Research (national & subnational/regional)
Economic, Consumer Credit and Financial Data 
Forecasts with Alternative Scenarios

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Keep track of the performance of your securities using reliable structured deal performance data – the same used by Moody’s analysts to rate and monitor deals.

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Moody’s Analytics helps you enhace your credit processes, deploy capital effectively, manage liquidity, and understand the impact of economic factors on your risk profile.

Risk Management Services

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