eLearning and Blended Solutions

Training programs can be expensive, both in terms of time and costs, and have uncertain outcomes. Our experienced consultants understand your business and partner with you to develop the right programs for your staff, organization, and objectives.

We create and help administer multi-channel, cost-effective, measurable learning solutions globally, and use practical examples, case studies, and interactive simulations so your staff can apply this knowledge on the job to improve the performance of your business.

We have the blended solutions that are right for your organization. Learn more below.

Asset and Wealth Managers
We help asset and wealth management firms address their bottom line by helping their staff understand the evolving needs of their clients. Our solutions address the technical and in-person skills that are necessary to offer advice and make investment decisions on behalf of others.
  Corporate and Commercial Banks
As part of the Moody’s Corporation, we share a commitment to continual improvement in credit analysis. Our training goes beyond Moody’s methodologies, helping learners explore and understand credit across different institutions and develop decision-making skills in all credit-related areas.
Financial Services Institutions
Our courses and programs help insurers and other non-bank financial institutions assess the needs of individuals, businesses and institutions, and make good investment and pricing decisions to maintain profitability.  
  Investment Banks
We focus on technical and practical skills with an equal emphasis on product knowledge and its applications. We train successful corporate financiers who respond to their client’s evolving needs and who are able to find solutions using a cross-section of financing tools.
As markets and financial products continue to evolve, regulators need to keep abreast of innovations, changes and risks among financial institutions.

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