ABS System

Automate your current processes by mitigating operational risk by offering the highest level of accuracy, automation, and auditability.

The ABS System includes various modules which are designed to work together to provide issuers and servicers with a complete infrastructure in support of their structured finance programs.


Increased Transparency: All collateral calculations and deal structures can be viewed and drilled down to the asset level

Seamless Integration: Flexible data mapping tool supports integration with existing data sources

Flexibility: Supports multiple asset classes, calculation methodologies, and deal structures

Auditability: Retains all system inputs and outputs in a database with historical tracking capabilities

Risk Mitigation: Reduces risk by minimizing manual intervention

Automation: Significantly reduces the cost associated with bringing new deals to market and servicing existing transactions

Regulatory Compliance: Assists with your compliance with multiple regulatory agencies

Reduced Funding Cost: Deal structures and rules can be set up to maximize efficiency in cost of funding, and are not impacted by system limitations