Moody's CDOROM™

Enhance the Quality and Efficiency of your Synthetic CDO Analysis with the Same Tools Used by Moody’s Analysts


Moody's CDOROM™
Moody's CDOROM is a free Excel based model used by Moody's analysts to rate synthetic CDOs and CDOs of CDOs. In order to run the model, you need to input the collateral portfolio with some collateral characteristics like amount, industry, ratings and country. The Moody's industry codes and reference entity names are available in the Reference Entity spreadsheet below.


Moody's CDOROM API (Application Programming Interface) provides a robust and simple way to embed Moody's CDOROM analysis into your enterprise systems, allowing you to utilize CDOROM analysis without having to switch or translate data.


Moody's CDOROM™ Data Feed
Moodys CDOROM Data Feed is a daily stream of Moody's ratings, Market-Implied Ratings (MIR™) and Markit RED™ identifiers on the underlying corporate collateral of synthetic CDOs. This data is uploaded into the CDOROM model at the touch of a button.