Quantify Risk Across all Business Lines and Regions

The RiskFoundation platform provides the infrastructure to implement a world-class risk management system and comply with regulatory guidelines. The platform includes a common datamart optimized for managing risk and finance, consistent valuation methodologies, models, and systems. It supports the full suite of Moody's Analytics Enterprise Risk Solutions (ERS).

Financial and Risk Datamart: Consolidate risk and finance data from different source systems – including loan accounting and credit risk mitigants – into a single, common system of record, allowing you to view enterprise risk holistically. Our data model is optimized for risk management and covers a range of assets, liabilities, and off balance sheet items. Furthermore, ERS products run on this common datamart, enabling you to make decisions drawing on consistent information from across divisions.

Flexible Reporting and Dashboards: Answer sophisticated analytical queries across your portfolio and design reports on the fly – both at an aggregate level and at a transactional level.

Shared Grid Computing Environment: Minimize IT investments by sharing industry standard hardware resources across the entire enterprise risk solutions suite.

Administrative Console: Deliver a standardized single point of control for performing all administrative tasks (centrally manage users and security settings) across the RiskFoundation platform.
Regulatory Workflow Management: Leverage the built-in regulatory workflow management capability to define and automate key decision steps, approval rules, and ongoing monitoring.

Multiple Deployment Options: Choose the option that makes the most sense for your environment, whether you want to measure risk at the local/group-level or both, across all lines of business.