Introducing the MARQ™ Portal and Score

MARQ: New Small Business Credit Score

Help your customers provide the information you need instantaneously with our innovative technology that links directly to their business accounting software.

Quickly obtain MARQ Scores which estimate your customers' probability of default based on our decades of experience in credit risk modeling.

Automatically populate information into a loan application, get updated financials, and gather supporting documents electronically.

Review the MARQ Action Plan with your customers to pinpoint areas of opportunity for making their business stronger.

Increase your Lending and Profitability while Improving Client Relationships

The MARQ portal replaces weeks of back-and-forth paper shuffling with the click of a button, freeing lenders to spend more time working with customers and making loans.

With an instant MARQ score and view of the financial health of a company, lenders can provide more tailored guidance and services to their small business customers.

Reduced manual work and improved scoring enable organizations to win more of the right deals and get loans to small business customers faster.

An easier and faster loan process, helpful tools and insights, and reduced “time-to-money” build satisfaction, loyalty, and trust among your customers.