ALLL Cloud

Remove hours and errors from your process.

Make fast, accurate work of calculating loan and lease loss reserves. Regulators expect banks to “develop, maintain, and document a comprehensive, systematic, and consistently applied ALLL process.” ALLL Cloud helps you do all this, and more – whether you calculate reserves at the holding company, individual bank/charter, or regional levels.

Now you can cut a time-consuming job down to size and gain confidence in your reserves with your Board, examiners and auditors. ALLL Cloud delivers efficiency in all these areas:
Compliance with regulatory guidelinesAutomatic data collection
Informed decision making
Clear documentation
Accurate financial reporting
Centralized information storage
Streamline every task along the way to a justifiable loss reserve.

Automatic Data Download
Integrate with Core Systems to bring in standard report data.

Quarterly FDIC Updates
Direct import of FDIC loss histories for bank and peer group comparisons.

Access to 400+ Metro Area Economic Reports
Support ALLL conclusions with credible and consistent monitoring of economic conditions specific to your markets. Remove subjectivity while substantiating your Q Factor analysis with narratives by professional economists.
Standardized Processes
Built in consistencies in your calculation methodology allow for standardization in reoccurring reports. This ensures better accuracies in resource re-allocation or disaster recovery situations.

Integration Between Loan Worksheets and Calculations

Client information fed into the platform automatically populates balance fields.

Informed and Intelligent Decisioning and Documentation
Bring all data together in a single platform for a more streamlined and intelligent decision process. Easily support your calculations with the ability to attach documents to your analysis, ensuring that you provide a comprehensive audit trail.