Regulatory and Compliance Services

Moody's Analytics applies industry best practices to its Regulatory and Compliance Services, broken down into five key areas.

Modeling   GAP Analysis
Leverage our experienced practitioners to build models that help you understand:

The impact of Basel III on your balance sheet
Moving from the Standardized Approach to Foundation/Advanced IRB ApproachRefining your probability of default (PD) and loss given default (LGD) models
Use these models to reduce the complexity and overhead of compliance as your business and the regulations evolve.
  Use our specialists to review your policies, processes and resources to identify and address gaps. Our practitioners can develop comprehensive, practical plans covering credit, market, liquidity, concentration and operational risk, in the context of Basel III that helps you maintain and streamline your regulatory compliance.

Understand and pre-empt regulatory developmentsStay ahead of the curve and maintain compliance as your business evolvesDeliver streamlined and effective regulatory compliance
Industry Benchmarking   Regulatory and Business Reporting
Our consultants can validate your models to ensure they remain fully compliant with a wide range of regulations, including Basel I, II, & III and the Dodd-Frank Act. By applying their experience in working with a wide range of banks across the world, they can help you:

Understand how your current procedures and infrastructure compare against industry standardsIdentify areas where you can make more effective use of capital and reduce costs. 
  Work with our consultants to ensure your roadmap is constantly aligned with your regulatory environment.

Understand the reporting demands of your regulators, wherever they are basedFully grasp the reports they require, their formats and their schedules, as well as their future plans
Our consultants can help you your extensive regulatory capital dataset and reports to enrich your business reporting for enhanced visibility and management insight.
Implementation and Training
Our experienced team provides you with services to help you develop the knowledge and deploy the technology critical to managing your regulatory compliance.