Balance Sheet & Liquidity Management Services

Moody’s Analytics applies industry best practices to its Balance Sheet and Liquidity Management Advisory & Implementation Services.

Models and Scenarios    GAP Analysis and Risk Assessments 
Our experienced practitioners help you create, validate, and integrate bespoke models for your organization. Our balance sheet modeling and scenario services cover:

Funds transfer pricingLiquidity modelingBehavioral modeling Collateral management Risk-weighted assets (RWAs) Tier capital optimization
  Our experts help you leverage comprehensive gap analysis and tailored risk assessments to move your risk management practices to the next level.

Integrate the latest regulatory requirements and industry best practices Better manage your implementation and resolution plans and risk appetite frameworks
Industry Benchmarking and Validation    Policies and Governance 
Take advantage of our leading expertise and knowledgeable practitioners through benchmarking reports and validation advice.

Understand your risk profile against industry peersSelect the right software for your organization’s needs

  Expert consulting and best practice advice helps you strengthen your management policies in the following areas:

Liquidity, limits, and balance sheet Collateral management
Implementation and Training
Our experienced team provides you with services to help you develop the knowledge and deploy the technology critical to managing your balance sheet and ALM.