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Our Implementation Services team ensures that clients quickly realize maximum value from their software investments. Advisory Services provides product training, consulting, and research services to clients worldwide.

Analyze your exposure to interest rate, liquidity, foreign exchange, and inflation risk with indicators such as gap analysis and net economic value sensitivity.

Gain a comprehensive and consistent view of your counterparty risk by combining financial spreading, credit analysis, and robust data storage in one flexible and secure enterprise platform.

Enable your enterprise risk solution with data infrastructure, risk-adjusted performance management, stress testing, dashboarding, and reporting tools.

Rapidly and accurately measure and benchmark portfolio-level credit risk and return across your entire organization. Monitor exposure by linking counterparties, facilities, and risk mitigants to effectively manage limits and collateral.

Meet and exceed regulatory requirements with our integrated risk capital assessment systems. Our solutions address credit, market, and operational risk, generating all required regulatory reports out of the box.

Enterprise Risk Solutions from Moody’s Analytics combine best-in-class quantitative credit and portfolio analysis with regulatory and balance sheet risk management software to maximize your effectiveness and impact.

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