Regulatory: U.S. Fed CCAR Scenarios

Expanded and regionalized forecast scenarios based on the Federal Reserve's CCAR projections that are produced, vetted and maintained by an authoritative source.

Meet the Federal Reserve's requirements with confidence using fully expanded and regionalized CCAR (Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review) forecast scenarios that are produced, vetted and maintained by an authoritative source. We construct a plausible narrative based on the forecasts provided by the Fed and an understanding of the key threats to the global economy.

We run the Fed's projections through our macro, regional and specialized forecast services, covering more than 1,800 variables for modeling various asset classes, many of which are not available elsewhere. They include personal consumption expenditure, auto sales, retail sales, debt-service burden, bankruptcy rates, interest rates, initial claims, etc. Beyond our databases, clients are also able to use run our scenarios through our loss-forecasting and stress-testing solutions.


We furnish a detailed methodology for validation purposes and provide complete access to our analysts so that you may fully understand the underlying assumptions. Providing best in class service, along with complete economic and product understanding is our highest priority and our commitment to you.


We have a team of experts dedicated to helping clients with the CCAR process. They leverage the best-in-class modeling and analytical expertise of nearly 80 economists with more than 20 years of experience in national and regional data management and forecasting. Our forecasts and scenarios are fully documented, rigorously checked for accuracy, and updated monthly, reflecting the latest economic conditions.