US Housing Data

The Most Trustworthy and Authoritative U.S. Housing Market Data Available

Moody's Analytics provide extensive analysis and data of the housing market at the national and regional levels, covering all aspects (including supply, demand, house prices and foreclosures) for clients who depend on or are exposed to housing markets through prices or level of activity. Consumer lenders, commercial banks, real estate-dependent firms, insurance firms and government institutions depend on our research and data for strategic/market planning, demand assessment, acquisition/development plans, consumer lending, and general investment research. 


Through partnership with CoreLogic®, Moody's Analytics is the exclusive provider of the Case-Shiller Home Price Index Forecasts, the most relied upon measure for U.S. house prices for which we also provide alternative scenarios. In addition, U.S. foreclosure data, is available through partnership with RealtyTrac. The foreclosure data help to inform house price forecasts as well as provide a measure of regional consumer loan performance.


Moody's Analytics also provides analysis of the U.S. housing market at the regional level. Through the Housing Market Monitor clients can assess the near-term prospects for single-family homebuilding in the nation's metropolitan areas and metropolitan divisions. Our comprehensive analysis provides a framework for studying the demand-supply balance in distinct regions on a historical basis and provides analysis of house price imbalances and the potential for bubbles.