Global National Data & Forecasts

Insights Into the Current and Expected Economic Conditions of Countries Worldwide

Moody's Analytics provides extensive economic, demographic and financial data. Our databases contain more than 280 million economic, financial, demographic and consumer credit time series, with 10 million added every year. Coverage and variables include:

  • Countries
  • Global metro areas
  • U.S. macro
  • U.S. states
  • U.S. metro areas
  • U.S. counties
  • Banking/financial
  • Consumer credit
  • Demographics
  • Prices/interest rates
  • Industry/labor/employment
  • Housing/real estate


We provide a key set of primary metrics for each country, using nationally sourced data whenever possible, supplemented by databases from international and regional organizations that provide standardized and cross-comparable views. These offerings are the foundation of our estimates and model-based forecasts.


Forecasts are developed using the most current data for more than 50 countries, and are updated on a monthly basis. Standard, regulatory and custom/idiosyncratic alternative scenarios for these countries countries are also available. These alternative scenarios are driven by market demand for stress-testing purposes and continue to grow.