A-Z Product List

  • ABS System
    ABS System
    The ABS System includes various modules which are designed to work together to provide issuers and servicers with a complete infrastructure in support of their structured finance programs.
  • ABSDiscloser
    ABSDiscloser is the proven and time tested solution for issuers to increase transparency of their structured finance program and assist issuers with their compliance of key regulatory reporting requirements.
  • ABSNet®
    ABSNet helps in the credit surveillance, analytics, valuation, and reporting of a portfolio of asset backed and mortgage backed securities.
  • ALLL Cloud
    ALLL Cloud
    Cloud-Based Solution for Calculating Allowances for Loan and Lease Losses
  • Asset-Backed Commercial Paper (ABCP) Research
    Asset-Backed Commercial Paper (ABCP) Research
    Moody's Asset-Backed Commercial Paper (ABCP) Group is the global source for credit ratings and research for ABCP programs. Moody's rates the spectrum of programs from partially and fully supported to single- and multi-seller.
  • Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) Research
    Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) Research
    Moody's Asset-Backed Group is the global source for credit ratings and research on asset-backed securities (ABS). We have expanded our coverage from traditional asset classes, such as autos, credit cards and home equity, to innovative structures, such as music royalties and tobacco litigation settlements.
  • AutoCycle™
    Moody’s Analytics AutoCycle™ solution provides purely Quantitative Forecasts of Car Value by Make, Model, Mileage and Year, Under Normal and Stressed Scenarios
  • Balance Sheet & Liquidity Management Services
    Balance Sheet & Liquidity Management Services
    Moody’s Analytics offers leading services to help you manage your balance sheets, streamline your processes and policies, and comply with regulations.
  • Bank Financials and Analytics
    Bank Financials and Analytics
    Bank Financials and Analytics integrated with research, ratings, and market signals is everything you need in one place to make your investment and risk management decisions with more confidence.
  • Blended Learning Solutions
    Blended Learning Solutions
    Our ConnectedSolutions program utilizes eLearning, WebClasses, computer-based tools and advanced simulations.
  • Case-Shiller® Home Price Index Forecasts
    Case-Shiller® Home Price Index Forecasts
    Exclusive House Price Forecasts based on the Leading Case-Shiller Home Price Indexes from CoreLogic.
  • CDOEdge™
    CDOEdge is a software platform that Moody's analysts use to rate and monitor cash CDOs. It includes a structuring tool, Moody's binomial model and a deal library.
  • CDOnet
    CDOnet is Moody's Analytics' robust and flexible software platform for cashflow analytics. With its industry-leading analytics, comprehensive deal library, powerful API and dedicated customer support, CDOnet allows you to improve your ability to structure, analyze and monitor CDO securities.
  • Client Presentations
    Client Presentations
    Essential expertise and data into client-specific actionable information for presenting standard or customized forecasts to clients and their customers.
  • CMM™ (Commercial Mortgage Metrics)
    CMM™ (Commercial Mortgage Metrics)
    CMM™ (Commercial Mortgage Metrics) model is the leading analytical tool for assessing Expected Default Frequency (EDF™) credit measures, Loss Given Default (LGD) and Expected Loss (EL) for commercial real estate (CRE) mortgage loan portfolios.
  • Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) and Derivatives Research
    Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) and Derivatives Research
    Moody's Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) and Derivatives Research is the leading source for credit ratings and research on collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), collateralized bond obligations (CBOs) and the entire structured derivatives market.
  • Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) Research
    Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) Research
    Moody's Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) Group is the leading source of credit ratings and research for all types of commercial mortgage-backed deals including single-asset and large loan transactions, conduits, credit tenants leases, and floaters.
  • Covered Bond Service
    Covered Bond Service
    Moody’s Covered Bond research combines industry and deal-specific research with credit opinions on bank issuers and related sovereigns to offer the most comprehensive research service available in the market.
  • Credit Assessment and Origination Services
    Credit Assessment and Origination Services
    Maximize your return on software investment by enabling faster, better informed credit decisions through a holistic and consistent assessment of risk.
  • Credit Research Database (CRD™)
    Credit Research Database (CRD™)
    Moody’s Analytics Credit Research Database (CRD™) is a global, comprehensive financial statement and default database. The Credit Research Database provides unique insight into credit risk covering middle market private firms, commercial real estate (CRE) and project finance transactions.
  • Credit Risk Calculator
    Credit Risk Calculator
    Credit Risk Calculator (CRC) is an easy to use, web-based tool designed to allow you to quickly calculate customized rating transition matrices and default rates suited to your specific risk management needs.
  • Credit Risk Management
    Credit Risk Management
    Comprehensive retail credit risk management solutions focused on improving economic return and meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Credit Transition Model
    Credit Transition Model
    Credit Transition Model (CTM) allows clients to easily incorporate a variety of economic assumptions into rating transition and default rate forecasts to facilitate stress testing.
  • Credit Trends
    Credit Trends
    Moody's Credit Trends combines in one service all the expert commentary and proprietary data compiled by Moody’s Economics group on the global credit markets.
  • CreditEdge®
    CreditEdge™ is a credit risk and valuation platform that uses the proprietary EDF™ credit measures and leverages the equity, bond, and credit derivative markets to assess credit default risk and gauge the value of debt instruments.
  • CreditForecast.com
    History and forecasts by origination vintage for a wide range of household credit, economic and demographic variables at a detailed level of geography.
  • Custom & Idiosyncratic Scenarios
    Custom & Idiosyncratic Scenarios
    Economic scenarios tailored to your unique business models, exposures, geographic footprint and assumptions.
  • Default and Recovery Database
    Default and Recovery Database
    Default & Recovery Database (DRD) provides comprehensive data on defaults, recovery from default, and rating changes (at both the security and issuer level) for all corporate issuers of long-term bonds that have carried a Moody's Investors Service rating since 1970.
  • Economic Development Analysis
    Economic Development Analysis
    Analysis, estimation and identification of economic developments and trends for key industries, states and metropolitan areas.
  • Economic Stress Testing
    Economic Stress Testing
    Evaluate the impact of shocks, expose vulnerabilities, and develop strategic business plans while enhancing your regulatory compliance.
  • eLearning Solutions
    eLearning Solutions
    Moody's Analytics Professional Development offers the industry’s most comprehensive eLearning curricula in commercial lending, available online and on-demand from any web-enabled computer. Our eLearning is available to individuals and via comprehensive institutional programs.
  • Emerging Markets Service
    Emerging Markets Service
    Moody's Emerging Markets research offers the breadth of sovereign, banking, corporate and structured finance research that will help you dig deep into underlying credit issues. Moody’s brings together analysis, data and access to a global team of analysts to help you gain insight into emerging markets.
  • Global Macro Research
    Global Macro Research
    Utilize comprehensive, in depth and timely analysis to better understand of all the components that drive the global economy.
  • Global National Data & Forecasts
    Global National Data & Forecasts
    More than 280 million economic, financial, and demographic time series covering more than 180 countries. Coverage includes national accounts, prices, labor markets, financial markets, trade, indicators and more.
  • Global Subnational Data & Forecasts
    Global Subnational Data & Forecasts
    Extensive economic, demographic and financial data and forecasts at the subnational level for global markets, including accounts, prices, labor markets, financial markets, trade, indicators, real estate and more.
  • Global Subnational: Global Metro Areas
    Global Subnational: Global Metro Areas
    Insights into the current and expected economic conditions of metropolitan areas worldwide.
  • Graduate Training Programs
    Graduate Training Programs
    Moody's Analytics is a recognized provider of high level Graduate Training and mid career Development Programs in financial centers around the world. We are the provider of choice for several global investment banks.
  • IFRS 9 and CECL Impairment Calculation
    IFRS 9 and CECL Impairment Calculation
    Moody’s Analytics offers a modular, flexible, and comprehensive IFRS 9 impairment solution that facilitates bank’s efforts to calculate and manage capital set aside for these provisions.
  • ImpairmentCalc™
    Part of Moody’s Analytics Credit Loss & Impairment Analysis suite of products, ImpairmentCalc helps firms move from incurred loss measurement to a forward-looking expected credit loss calculation. ImpairmentCalc incorporates data and scenario analysis for forward-looking evaluation of the accounting impairment model.
  • Individual Learning: eLearning
    Individual Learning: eLearning
    We offer the industry’s most comprehensive credit risk and commercial lending eLearning curricula, available online and on-demand from any web-enabled computer.
  • Introducing the MARQ™ Portal and Score
    Introducing the MARQ™ Portal and Score
    MARQ streamlines the lending process by improving the way lenders and their small business customers interact. The MARQ Portal and Score automate manual processes and equip lenders and their customers to understand the credit position of the business in seconds.
  • Ki
    A platform for domain-specific insight, funding optimization, analytics, and performance monitoring
  • Lending Cloud
    Lending Cloud
    Lending Cloud provides you with an industry-leading cloud-based platform to streamline your credit management process – from origination throughout the life of the loan.
  • Liquidity Risk Management and Compliance
    Liquidity Risk Management and Compliance
    Our liquidity risk management and compliance solution consolidates, calculates, tests and reports your organization’s liquidity position. It offers a truly integrated solution—from rapid data collection to effective liquidity monitoring, robust stress testing and comprehensive regulatory and management reporting.
  • LossCalc™
    LossCalc™ model provides a loss given default (LGD) measure that incorporates both static and forward-looking dynamic drivers of recovery, ranging from firm-specific variables to broader geography and industry factors.
  • Market Analysis
    Market Analysis
    Deep investigation into an existing or prospective market, evaluating the economic outlook and potential risks, for inventory, expansion, acquisition and other business and planning activities.
  • Monthly Update: Structured Transitions
    Monthly Update: Structured Transitions
    This is a sister publication to the corporate Monthly Default Report. Every month this publication includes a variety of information designed to help credit professionals monitor the global structured credit market.
  • Moody’s CreditView – Banking
    Moody’s CreditView – Banking
    Moody’s CreditView – Banking provides an informed, independent, and transparent view into the changing bank credit market.
  • Moody’s CreditView – Corporates
    Moody’s CreditView – Corporates
    Moody’s CreditView – Corporates service includes a global suite of ratings and analysis non-financial companies and provides expert insight into companies’ liquidity, covenant protection and changes to debt structure. Four sub-services are available: Investment Grade, Leveraged Finance, Syndicated Loans and Project Finance.
  • Moody’s CreditView – Sovereign
    Moody’s CreditView – Sovereign
    Moody’s CreditView – Sovereign provides comprehensive ratings, research and analysis on sovereigns, sub-sovereigns and supranational entities. Our through-the-cycle perspective on the financial, economic and political pressures impacting sovereign risk helps you stay on top of credit quality challenges.
  • Moody’s CreditView – Structured Finance
    Moody’s CreditView – Structured Finance
    Moody’s CreditView – Structured Finance covers asset classes ranging from residential and commercial mortgages to autos and credit cards to collateralized debt obligations. Our offerings include deal-specific analyses, special reports, and performance data sets and market indices instrumental to your monitoring activities
  • Moody’s CreditView – U.S. Public Finance
    Moody’s CreditView – U.S. Public Finance
    Moody’s CreditView – U.S. Public Finance provides analysis on public debt issued by state and local governments, hospitals, higher education institutions and other tax-exempt entities. From reports to timely commentary, our research provides insight into specific sales and larger trends that drive the market.
  • Moody’s Financial Metrics™
    Moody’s Financial Metrics™
    Moody's Financial Metrics™ (MFM) is a web-based data and analytics platform that provides you with access to analyst-adjusted financial data, ratios, models and rating methodologies for over 3,500 non-financial corporates worldwide.
  • Moody’s MIR® (Market Implied Ratings)
    Moody’s MIR® (Market Implied Ratings)
    The MIR® (Moody's Market Implied Ratings) service isolates changes in risk for individual issuers from the noise of the markets. Market signals capture market sentiment about the credit quality of a given company, providing insight into the opinions of your peers.
  • Moody's CDOROM™
    Moody's CDOROM™
    CDOROM is a free Excel-based model used for calculating the expected loss on tranches of synthetic CDOs. It is the same model Moody's analysts use to rate and monitor synthetic CDOs.
  • Moody's CreditCycle™
    Moody's CreditCycle™
    Integrated consumer credit analytics with regional economics driven by your own strategies and assumptions.
  • Moody's Monthly Default Report
    Moody's Monthly Default Report
    The Monthly Default Report Service (MDR) enables you to better monitor the corporate market using default and credit quality statistics and market commentary at the industry, and regional levels.
  • Portfolio Analyzer (PA)
    Portfolio Analyzer (PA)
    Portfolio Analyzer (PA) is a powerful new risk management and capital allocation tool to help portfolio managers analyze the credit risk of their residential mortgage, auto loan, auto ABS and RMBS portfolios.
  • Portfolio Management Services
    Portfolio Management Services
    Leverage the unparalleled experience of Moody’s Analytics to apply advanced portfolio risk technology through custom solutions to understand, measure, and manage credit risk within your credit portfolios.
  • Product Line Forecasting
    Product Line Forecasting
    Extensive expertise in developing detailed product level analysis, models and outlooks based on client data and changing macro economic conditions.
  • Public Seminars
    Public Seminars
    Moody's Analytics Training & Certification offers over 200 open-enrollment courses throughout the year, in New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, San Francisco, Sydney and other financial centers around the world, on credit, banking and financial topics.
  • Quantitative Ratings Estimator (QRATE)
    Quantitative Ratings Estimator (QRATE)
    Moody's Quantitative Ratings Estimator allows you to accurately predict municipal ratings based on a small number of variables. You can assess your municipal risk exposure with powerful predictor models, all of which are calibrated with data aggregated and maintained by Moody's analysts as part of the rating process.
  • Rating Delivery Service
    Rating Delivery Service
    Moody’s electronic ratings delivery products support the integration of Moody's Ratings and related information directly into proprietary applications to facilitate analysis and improve data integrity.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Services
    Regulatory and Compliance Services
    Moody’s Analytics can create and validate your regulatory capital management models and procedures for Basel I, II & III. Apply the latest industry best practices to maintain and streamline your regulatory compliance.
  • Regulatory Reporting
    Regulatory Reporting
    Moody's Analytics Regulatory Reporting solution generates required Basel I, II and III and Solvency II risk reports and is used by some of the largest financial institutions in the world.
  • Regulatory: European Stress Test Scenarios
    Regulatory: European Stress Test Scenarios
    Expanded forecast scenarios based on projections provided by authorities for more accurate stress-tests.
  • Regulatory: U.S. Fed CCAR Scenarios
    Regulatory: U.S. Fed CCAR Scenarios
    Expanded and regionalized forecast scenarios based on the Federal Reserve's CCAR projections.
  • Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (RMBS) Research
    Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (RMBS) Research
    Moody's Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (RMBS) Group is the leading source of credit ratings and research for Jumbo MBS and Mortgage Related ABS including home equity and manufactured housing.
  • RiskAnalyst™
    RiskAnalyst™ provides a comprehensive view of your firm's counter-party risk by combining financial spreading, credit analysis and robust data storage using one flexible, secure enterprise platform.
  • RiskAuthority™
    Our next generation Basel III solution, which is based on our award-winning Basel II platform, enables banks, Clearing Houses and savings and loans associations to meet the requirements of Basel III. It offers integrated capital and liquidity risk calculations and reporting and data management.
  • RiskBench™
    Moody’s Analytics RiskBench™ solution is an online global credit risk data community and data discovery platform that provides in-depth analytics and peer insight.
  • RiskCalc™
    Moody's Analytics RiskCalc™ solution offers a comprehensive approach to assessing the default and recovery of private firms worldwide.
  • RiskConfidence™
    Our Asset and Liability Management solution provides essential monitoring of balance sheet risks for the banking book. Covering a wide range of financial products, it offers built-in static and dynamic simulation capabilities to help you define more efficient risk-return tradeoffs and comply with regulatory requirements.
  • RiskFoundation™
    Integrate your enterprise financial and risk data to calculate regulatory capital, economic capital, ALM, liquidity, counterparty risk and for a global view of your exposures.
  • RiskFrontier™
    RiskFrontier is the portfolio management and economic capital solution trusted by leading financial institutions worldwide. It is a scalable platform that identifies a portfolio’s risks and opportunities allowing for improved strategic decision making and performance.
  • RiskIntegrity™ Suite
    RiskIntegrity™ Suite
    The RiskIntegrity Suite provides enterprise risk and solvency management for insurance companies for both regulatory compliance and efficient management of the business.
  • RiskOrigins™
    RiskOrigins™ is an integrated, workflow-driven software platform that allows commercial lenders to streamline and standardize their underwriting process.
  • Scenario Analyzer
    Scenario Analyzer
    Scenario Analyzer helps banks measure the impact of changing market conditions at the enterprise level – across the entire balance sheet – or on single portfolios, such as commercial and industrial (C&I) and commercial real estate(CRE).
  • Standard Alternative Scenarios
    Standard Alternative Scenarios
    Prepare for a range of outcomes by evaluating the impact of shocks and differing economic assumptions.
  • Stress Testing Services
    Stress Testing Services
    Moody’s Analytics leverages its extensive modeling research and validation expertise with its regulatory and compliance experience to ensure effective, robust stress testing solutions, tailored to your organization.
  • Stress Testing Suite
    Stress Testing Suite
    Moody's Analytics provides customers with an integrated, yet modular, framework that can be customized to fit their specific needs and calculate and report stressed performance indicators across the risk and finance functions.
  • Structured Finance Default Risk Service
    Structured Finance Default Risk Service
    The Structured Finance Default Risk Service provides full, downloadable access to Moody's complete proprietary default database featuring data on rating changes and material impairments at the tranche level since 1983.
  • Structured Finance Portal
    Structured Finance Portal
    The Structured Finance Portal is a web-based tool for structured finance investment professionals combining a sophisticated cashflow engine with advanced comparative analytics and data visualization capabilities.
  • Structured Finance Regulatory Module
    Structured Finance Regulatory Module
    The Regulatory Module is a web-based platform containing estimated structured finance regulatory metrics assisting banks and financial institutions to meet their stress testing and regulatory needs.
  • Structured Valuation & Advisory Services
    Structured Valuation & Advisory Services
    Moody’s Analytics Structured Finance Valuation Service helps you value RMBS, CDO, ABS, and CMBS securities. We provide valuations, analytics, and support services that you can use to manage your portfolio of hard-to-value securities.
  • U.S. Public Finance Data and Analytics
    U.S. Public Finance Data and Analytics
    Moody’s US Municipal Finance Data and Analytics includes two platforms: MFRA® (Municipal Financial Ratio Analysis), a database of ‘as-adjusted’ financials and credit statistics and QRATE™ (Quantitative Ratings Estimator), a quantitative rating predictor model.
  • US & Canada National Data & Forecasts
    US & Canada National Data & Forecasts
    Extensive economic, demographic, consumer credit and financial data at the national level for the U.S. and Canada.
  • US & Canada Subnational Data & Forecasts
    US & Canada Subnational Data & Forecasts
    Extensive economic, demographic, consumer credit and financial data at the subnational level for the U.S. and Canada.
  • US Housing Data
    US Housing Data
    Extensive historical and forecast U.S. housing data, including Case-Shiller Home Price Index Forecasts, Core Logic Home price indexes, and RealtyTrac Foreclosure data.
  • US Macro Research
    US Macro Research
    Utilize comprehensive, in depth and timely analysis to better understand of all the components that drive the U.S. economy.
  • US: Macro Forecast Model
    US: Macro Forecast Model
    Comprehensive forecast model with custom flexibility for creating customized economic forecasts and scenarios on the US economy and financial markets.
  • WSA Platform
    WSA Platform
    WSA Platform provides investors with a powerful and integrated software platform to perform portfolio analytics using cash flow models, macroeconomic scenarios, credit models and performance data.