2010 Press Release Archive

NEW YORK - November 22, 2010: Moody’s Corporation (NYSE:MCO) announced today that it has acquired CSI Global EducationInc.(CSI), Canada’s leading provider of financial learning, credentials, and certification. CSI will operate within Moody’s Analytics, strengthening Moody’s capabilities for delivering credit training programs, researchand analyticalservices,and risk management software to financial institutions worldwide.

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NEW YORK - November 18, 2010: Moody’s Analytics, a leader in risk management solutions, today announced the launch of RiskOrigins, an integrated, workflow-driven loan origination product that gives commercial lenders greater awareness and control over risk throughout the loan lifecycle. RiskOrigins is an evolution of Moody’s Analytics market-leading technology, used by more than 900 firms worldwide. Using RiskOrigins, lenders can design and deploy workflows customized to their business needs and desired risk profiles.

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NEW YORK - September 27, 2010: Moody’s Analytics, a leader in credit risk services, today announced the launch of its CDS-implied EDF ™ (expected default frequency) product, available through its CreditEdge Plus™ platform. The new product assists risk managers and investors by leveraging CDS market information to accurately estimate probability of default.

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NEW YORK - May 24, 2010: Moody’s Analytics, a leader in risk management solutions, today announced the availability of a new probability of default (PD) model for assessing the credit risk of private firms in China. The model is available for use with RiskCalc Plus, an enhanced version of RiskCalc. RiskCalc combines financial statement and equity market information into a highly predictive assessment of standalone credit risk. Additional models for Russia and the Emerging Markets will be available in the third quarter of 2010, extending the analytical capability of RiskCalc to private firm credit worldwide.

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NEW YORK - May 5, 2010: Moody’s Analytics, a leader in risk management solutions, today announced the release of its bi-annual “Middle Market Risk Report” analyzing trends in the U.S. private firm credit market. The report’s findings show that U.S. private firm default rates decreased in the fourth quarter of 2009 for the first time since 2007. This change, however, may not indicate an improvement of the credit environment, as banks are moving borrowers to non-pass risk grades at a much faster rate than at any other time during the past ten years.

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