Moody’s CreditView - Fundamental

Moody’s CreditView

Dealing with data can feel like hunting in the dark. With Moody’s CreditView - Fundamental, you’ll have a clearer picture.

Fundamentals, research, analysis, default data and market opinion are all laid out in a single, consolidated view. You get the full picture, and the facts behind the picture, simply and fast.

Moody's CreditView is a significant breakthrough in helping you spend less time wrestling with a mass of information, giving you more time to make the right credit decisions.

Rating Agency Research
Moody’s CreditView offers a simplified view of Moody’s Investors Service ratings, methodologies, and recent issuer and industry research. You’ll see the rating rationale, the rating outlook, what would cause the rating to change, the rating factor grid, and a wealth of other vital information.

Market Signals
You’ll find a range of market signals tools, including Market Implied Ratings (MIR®) and EDF™ (Expected Default Frequency) credit measures, using the most recent market information to help you track credit performance and risk. You’ll see what the market thinks.

Key Credit Metrics
Moody’s CreditView also gives you valuable financial and credit ratios. The analyst-adjusted financials and analytics deliver the highest quality data and offer unparalleled transparency and insight into what drives Moody’s ratings.

Default Reports
Through Moody’s CreditView, you can access Moody’s Monthly Default Report, allowing you to monitor the credit environment using default and credit quality statistics at industry and regional levels.