Basel III Case Studies

KomBank – Leveraging data consolidation
One of the largest Serbian banks chose Moody’s Analytics for leveraging data consolidation to deliver regulatory capital compliance and business insight. The solution that Moody’s Analytics proposed centred on the use of a datamart to consolidate all of KomBank’s core banking data and act as a foundation for its regulatory and business reporting. Using the datamart’s Export-Transform-Load (ETL) functionality, KomBank was able to import all the essential data from its different systems, and transform the data, with its diverse formats and structure, into a single, comprehensive dataset. this allowed the bank to manage its regulatory calculations and deliver its reports accurately and cost effectively, all in one place.

One of the World’s Most Recognized Banks – Basel II compliance solution 
The investment banking division of a top three global bank has implemented Moody’s Analytics Basel III compliance solution. The Moody’s Analytics Basel III compliance solution calculates, consolidates and reports an organization’s regulatory capital risks, covering credit, market, liquidity, concentration and operational risks. It offers a truly integrated and comprehensive solution, covering centralized data management, fast and accurate regulatory capital calculations and integrated regulatory and management reporting.

 Major American bank – regulatory capital management solution
A dynamic and innovative bank that had grown rapidly in recent years, in part by acquiring other institutions, was challenged with Basel II compliance. Following its growth and product expansion, the bank’s data infrastructure was overly complex. After a thorough review of its options, the executive team selected Moody’s Analytics regulatory capital management solution to address these challenges. The solution allows the bank to consolidate its diverse dataset into a single environment, capable of quickly and easily calculating its regulatory capital. It enables the bank to produce reporting that complies with Basel II now, and will also comply with Basel III and the Dodd-Frank Act in the future.