Credit Risk Management

Streamline Your Analyses by Accessing Credit Risk Solutions on Excel

This Moody's Analytics Add-in for Excel® provides direct access to multiple credit risk solutions, including CreditEdge®, RiskCalc™, CMM™ (Commercial Mortgage Metrics) and Moody's MIR® (Market Implied Ratings). The tool allows users to seamlessly download up-to-date data into pre-defined templates and helps in streamlining organizational workflows.


This Add-in for Excel® eliminates the time-consuming data entry and model adjustment by embedding complex financial models directly into your spreadsheet increasing productivity and efficiency. Using familiar Excel-based formula structures, users are able to retrieve the latest data and scores across various Moody's Analytics Credit Risk Solutions in a fraction of the time.  


Moody’s Analytics also offers customization services to assist you with designing, customizing, and building spreadsheets based on the unique reporting and analytical needs of your organization. 

Easily Access Qualitative and Quantitative Data, including:

EDF™ (Expected Default Frequency), Stressed and Through-the-Cycle EDF measures

Ratings & Implied Ratings

Key financial ratios

CDS & Bond spreads

Bond pricing & valuation data

Median Credit Spreads by Rating

Ratings Transition Matrices

Commercial real estate loan and property analysis

Enjoy Robust Template Library
Our expert team at Moody's Analytics maintains an extensive template library for specific applications of our credit risk solutions. We continue to build and add more templates to meet the needs of risk professionals in different analytics and reporting roles. Available templates include:


Public and Private EDF: Monitor your public and private exposures in one place. These templates draw signals from CreditEdge and RiskCalc data sets to provide a holistic view of commercial and industrial (C&I) portfolios and help facilitate early warning.

Transfer Pricing: Analyze loan transfer pricing with implied ratings and median credit spreads from RiskCalc and Market Implied Rating (MIR) data sets.

Bond Analysis: Multiple templates are available for individual bond-level analyses or portfolio-level monitoring of bond portfolios. For example, the Alpha Factor template incorporates proprietary Moody’s Analytics measures to help identify investment opportunities and monitor performance across bond portfolios.

Credit Risk Transitions: View historical rating transitions by Moody's rating or Market Implied Rating / Gap at an issuer or portfolio level.

Median Credit Spreads: Compare the median bond yields of different Moody's rating categories and maturity.

Commercial Real Estate: Quickly analyze the risk of income producing commercial real estate (CRE) loans and properties using Moody’s Analytics CMM (Commercial Mortgage Metrics) model.

Also included in the library are: Industry & Regional Analysis, Sector-level portfolio risk reports, individual issuer analysis and more.


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(Please note: If you are a RiskCalc or CMM client, you may use your RiskCalc or CMM credentials respectively. If you are a CreditEdge or MIR client, please use your credentials. If you do not have a login, please contact us to request one.)

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