Moody's Analytics PartnerAlliance

Stronger Together
Moody’s Analytics PartnerAlliance Program aims to establish strong, value-added partnerships with leading consulting, technology and services firms in the financial industry. As an accredited Moody’s Analytics partner, you may promote, implement or complement our solutions, offering global, local and specialized expertise to meet the needs of our clients.

Mutual Success
Moody’s Analytics PartnerAlliance Program offers a pragmatic and simple approach to partnership strategy. Working together, Moody’s Analytics and program participants deliver sophisticated, competitive and timely solutions to ensure client satisfaction and success.

Moody’s Analytics PartnerAlliance Program delivers strong commercial benefits to its members, from footprint expansion to enhanced product capabilities and new revenue streams. From the start, program members benefit from their association with our established brand, leading market position and award winning capabilities.

Become a Moody’s Analytics Partner

Moody’s Analytics PartnerAlliance Program supports members from their initial commitment onward. Our on boarding process provides participants with the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in the market and grow within the program. We continue to invest in our participants throughout the relationship, building mutual trust and support for strong and long standing alliances.

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